Visit our Christmas Wonderland every year at Home South! We have Christmas trees like you've never seen before! Whether you like rustic, traditional, or eclectic decor, we have a Christmas theme to fit your style! Elves, Santas, reindeer and SO MUCH MORE! Be inspired by our holiday decor!

We have home decor for those with a modern chic taste or for those who love a laid back rustic feel. Switch out your kitchen linens with our Christmas designs and make your mantles the focal point of your home for the holidays!Check out our ever changing selection of Christmas decor. Looking for a frosty theme? You can't go wrong with our snowmen! Keep it fun and give your kids and grandkids something exciting to look forward to during the holiday season. Bring the North Pole straight to your living room with our elf theme Christmas decor! Have fun with our traditional green and red elves that come in all shapes and sizes. We have vintage designs and more modern versions of everyone's favorite toy makers. Don't forget to give your elf a name!

Christmas decor is more than just the Christmas tree! Be sure to browse all of our Christmas merchandise including: pillows, advent wreaths, mesh wreaths, lanterns, stars, napkins, gift bags, pick, dinnerware... and more! You won't find a Christmas selection like ours elsewhere! We can't wait to see you this winter!